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A Collaborative Development

The Gift of Black Theological Education & Black Faith Traditions (The Gift Collaborative) emerged from an assessment facilitated by six Historically Black Theological Schools (HBTS): Hood Theological Seminary, Payne Theological Seminary, Shaw University Divinity School, Interdenominational Theological Center, and Proctor School of Theology at Virginia Union University, who participated in the assessment for six years, and Howard University School of Divinity who participated for three years. This assessment and subsequent pilot period confirmed the importance of addressing the Black community's needs through a faith-based lens.


Recognizing the enduring impact of 400 years of systemic racism on Black lives, The Gift Collaborative takes a long-term approach. We leverage history, scholarship, faith, and worship, all within a Black cultural framework, to address the issues identified in our assessment.


The Gift Collaborative is a 501(c)(3) incorporated in the state of Delaware and governed by a diverse Board of Directors. The Board comprises the Deans and Presidents of five HBTS, representatives from the Methodist and Baptist traditions, and two additional members selected to ensure a well-rounded governance perspective.

Our Mission

Our Mission

The Gift Collaborative serves the Black community by fostering a convergence between the scholarship of Theological institutions and the lived experience of the Black Church. Through carefully designed and tested programs, we aim to improve daily life for Black communities.

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Our Vision

The Gift Collaborative was born from a small seed of hope, planted by visionary minds. We aspire to cultivate and expand this seed, offering holistic support to those on the margins by leveraging the gifts of Black Theology and the Black Church.

The Gift Collaborative Infrastructure

Strategist/Convener, Dr. Delores F. Brisbon

Assistant to the Convener, Dr. Reggie Blount

Financial Management, Mrs. Donna Smithers, CPA

Operations, Mrs. Mary T. Garrett

Research, Dr. Linda Mouzon

Technology and Communications, Ms. Patricia Commander


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